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We are looking for personal stories on why you are protesting, why you support the movement and experiences that you may have had. This is your story, so feel free to tell it  the way you like, pictures are also welcome. Your voice in this movement is important and as valuable as the richest person in the world. Let us know what you are feeling inside, how you came to support the movement (does not matter if you are a protester or not), your vision for the future, the problems you see, the thing you fear the most and whatever else you would like to share. Remember this is your personal story, so tell it in anyway you want.

These stories will be published in papers, book form, on the web and broadcast throughout the world. The stories are intended as a future and current historical perspective of the occupy movement. The project is also intended to put a human face (not just sound bites) on the movement and to reach those who only get their news from the main stream media. This is another way of expressing what is going on while changing the world for all, for the better.

Please e-mail your story with your name (can use a fake name), city, the story and your e-mail to OccupyStory@gmail.com. We will do our best to let you know when and where you are published. It would be very helpful if you could spell check and edit, we intend on publishing exactly as received.

As interest in this project grows, we will create a site dedicated to the stories of the occupy movement with a link from this page to the new site. Thank you and look forward to what you have to say,

Lisa and Paul

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